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In the Mood for a little Sax Appeal?

Catch the sensational Q Lobster Jim playin smokin beats to liven up your haunted Halloween weekend! You can get on your ghostly grooves tonight and tomorrow night at 55 Degrees in Plano. Tonight's special musical guest is none other than saxophonist Daniel Totten! Perhaps you saw him play in the house band at the Red […]

Last Minute Burlesque Halloween Costumes!

Waited till the last minute, or just couldn't find anything appealing to your inner burlesque temptress? Here are a few last minute sexy suggestions easy to put together! Proposal #8: The Desirable Seductress Any man will tell you how seductive it is to see a woman in a man's shirt. Borrow this idea from our […]

Bump ‘n Grind Burlesque Halloween Costumes!

As a Kitten keeping her promise, here are some delectable burlesque Halloween costuming tips from the VK. Proposal #6: The bump €˜n grind diva! Duplicating stripping stars of the past, here are some suggestions to achieve that Gypsy Rose Lee panache! Kitten Tip 1 - G-strings and pasties, if you feel daring enough, is the […]

Erotique II (The Burlesque Revue)

€˜It is not enough to conquer; one must know how to seduce.' Voltaire This November the Velvet Kittens present their exquisite EROTIQUE II (the Burlesque Revue). With only two chances to see this enchantment, we persuade you to designate the dates 8th and 22nd in your November agenda. The Kittens' Erotique II performance is at […]

More Burlesque Halloween Costumes!

Still searching for the purrfect Burlesque Costume for Halloween? Burlesque is all about the gimmick! These following costumes are available through the Leggs Avenue Line. Contact your local costume shop to see if they carry these costumes! All costumes complete, with supplementary purchases of fishnets, boots, lashes and glitter to complete these Velvet Kitten looks! […]

Halloween Burlesque Costumes!

Halloween is just a few days away! Still looking for ideas? May we propose the ever fashionable burlesque dancer for Halloween? Looking for something a bit different, or just helpful hints on putting together your very own burlesque costume? The Kittens are pleased to not only present suggestions, but are also willing to divulge costuming […]

Can’t Get Enough of the Talented Miss Lola Love?

This beautiful and talented Kitten has a movie premier this Wednesday, Oct. 29th at the Studio Movie Grill in Arlington at 7pm. Our Kitten Lola and Velvet Kitten friend and fan Paula Wood are featured in the comedy/thriller Killing Holly! You can visit Killing Holly on myspace here Also, if you haven't checked the lovely […]

$100 off Hair Extensions!

Velvet Kitten sponsor Brittany, owner of OMGhairstyles, is offering $100 off on hair extenstions! Contact Brittany on her website or myspace to schedule an appointment or for more information!

Candy Gram- Miss Mimi Rockafella

Our fabulous Kitten Miss Mimi is featured on this week’s Candy Pitch (Tasty Burlesque Tidbits and Delectable Striptease Confections)! Click on her Candy Gram interview to find out a little more about the irresistible Miss Rockafella! Don’t forget to check out the on-going comments! There’s a little controversy going on between burlesque performers….

Kittens and Jazz!

After performing last night, the Kittens’ are excited to kick back and unwind! Join us today at the Green Elephant ! Benefit concert starts at 3pm. Missed the Kittens this weekend? Next burlesque revue at Rembrandt Dutch Pub is Nov. 8 and 22, as we present Erotique Burlesque Revue. Reserve the dates! 10 pm showtime. […]