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07/30/08 Velvet Kitten Rehersal Photos

In this number we act well-behaved and proper (for about 30 seconds). This is how we take breaks; we just nap on each other. Rehearsing “Mister, Mister” Normally Ginger and Mimi take their tango seriously, but last night they couldn’t help but giggle.

The Velvet Kittens Hard at Work…Kind of.

Yesterday was our first rehearsal in our new space. Since we have a show on Friday we didn’t waste anytime. Okay, we wasted a little but we took pictures to share with you! Hope you enjoy. xoxo Our Director, hard at work. Mimi is dehydrated after rehearsing her sexy tango with Ginger. Ginger is… well, […]

Interview with Jana Edele, Choreographer/Director/Creator of The Velvet Kittens of Le Cabaret Burlesque

You have been a dancer for your whole life, how did you transition from commercial and mainstream dance into burlesque? I originally never intended to dance professionally, but somehow kept getting commercial and corporate work as a dancer and choreographer. These experiences became a great training ground as I moved into the new direction. And […]

Think You Have What it Takes to be a Velvet Kitten?

From Choreographer/Director Jana Edele: The Velvet Kittens of Le Cabaret Burlesque is Dallas/Ft. Worth’s only mainstream burlesque troupe. The Velvet Kittens perform full vaudevillian-burlesque revues shows twice a month at Cafe Rembrandt in Dallas, in addition to appearances at club openings, special events, private funtions, corporate events and media interviews. What it Takes… We need […]

Interview with Mimi Rockafellar, Dance Captain for The Velvet Kittens

How long have you been a member of the Velvet Kittens? It will be two years in August. You are the Dance Captain for the Velvet Kittens, what does that entail? I’m Jana’s second man, when she is not there I fill in for her. I help run through the dances with the cast and […]

Velvet Kitten News Bulletin

From Director/Choreographer Jana Edele, Effective immediately, the Velvet Kittens will no longer host their burlesque dance classes at The Girls Room in Dallas. We are sad that this relationship had to come to an abrupt end, however you can be assured that we will still offer burlesque classes. As a matter of fact, we will […]

The Choreographer for the Velvet Kittens is Conducting Research and Wants to Hear from YOU!

Hello darlings, Jana Edele our brilliant choreographer and director is asking men and women to name their top 12 sexiest dress-up fantasies. So fellas, what turns you on? Does the vision of a naughty nurse raise your blood pressure? Whether its Princess Leia, a sexy librarian or Catwoman we want to know. Ladies, we want […]

Burlesque Dance Classes and Workshops by The Velvet Kittens

Girls grab your cabaret boots and tighten your corsets. The Vevlet Kittens want to give you and introduction to seduction. (photo credit: John McIntire) In this session, Velvet Kitten Choreographer Jana Edele, will teach an original burlesque dance to a workshop of six lucky students. In addition to learning the choreography, stage make-up, hair and […]

The Velvet Kittens Go Dutch

(photo credit: kyliecross) You already knew that Cafe Rembrandt is the place to catch the Velvet Kittens free burlesque shows, but did you also know that they also have an impressive beer menu and scrumptious bar food like cheese soufflé (think mozzarella sticks, but refined) and teeny beef croquettes called bitter balls? The food is […]

Café Rembrandt Brings Free Burlesque Shows Twice a Month to Their Dutch Pub

[FRI AUG 1 :: 10PM :: CAFE REMBRANDT] — Full Burlesque Revue Now Café Rembrandt in Dallas is more than a just a place to grab authentic Dutch food, it's home to the Velvet Kittens of Le Cabaret Burlesque. Due to an overwhelming response to the Velvet Kittens' engaging live stage shows, Café Rembrandt decided […]