New BURLESQUE classes & workshops in Fort Worth!

The Velvet Kittens of Le Cabaret Burlesque and Bombshell Boutique & Studio bring burlesque dance class and Burlesque Body Sculpt â„¢ to Fort Worth!

Jana Edele, the artistic director/choreographer of the Velvet Kittens, has put together a whole new series of Burlesque Basics classes for the Bombshell Boutique & Studio:  The Burlesque Starlet:  Connecting with your Inner Bombshell!  Read on about what you can expect on begin a “Burlesque Starlet.”

About the Birth of the Burlesque Starlet Series

Burlesque Body Sculpt ™ has taken on a life of it’s own, with monthly student performances.  Opening classes in Fort Worth Jana Edele wondered how to better suit the needs of the people who are often intimidated by the words “burlesque” or “dance” class.  She decided it was time to really put the basics of dance and burlesque into a series, which can over time be orchestrated to be progressive yet non-intimidating and fit the needs of her students as they advance. And this is where The Burlesque Starlet was born!

The Burlesque Starlet:  Connecting to your Inner Bombshell is a breakdown of all things beginner and presented in small packages: burlesque vocabulary, dance steps, and even the acting involved in performance.  It also can be used as a study guide for any particular student interested on building up the education to erupt onto the burlesque scene as a performer by providing the “how to’s and what not to do’s” on your way to burlesque stardom!  Edele says, “The purpose of these workshops is to really make dance accessible to anyone and everyone, and allow an outlet for adult students to find the joy and mind/body relationship that dance provides.”

The Burlesque Starlet series will be available at:

The Bombshell Boutique & Studio located at 5758 Park Vista Circle, Suite 216, Fort Worth, TX 66244. Web: