Interested in dance classes?

Ms. Edele, choreographer and creator of the Velvet Kittens of Le Cabaret Burlesque, has been teaching her burlesque style of dance and choreographing burlesque since 2003.  Additionally to burlesque, she also teaches and choreographs jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, modern, contemporary, and musical theater dance throughout the DFW metroplex. She has offered her style of burlesque under the name of Burlesque Body Sculpt ™ beginning in Dallas at the Verandah Club, and continued in different locations in the metroplex.

Currently Burlesque Body Sculpt â„¢ is offered at Arts 5th Avenue in Fort Worth (1628 5th Avenue, Fort Worth, Tx, 76104).

We currently offer two types of burlesque learning experiences, performance workshops and classes.

We also offer performance workshops for tap dance as well.

Velvet Kittens' Burlesque Classes (photo by Vizual Group)

Our Performance Workshops

Our performance workshops are divided into two sessions. In session one students spend class times learning choreographed dances. In session two we continue into our rehearsal time, perfecting dances to be stage ready. Upon completion of the two sessions, students are given the opportunity to perform in a Velvet Kittens of Le Cabaret Burlesque variety show. Students who attend session one are not required to continue to session two. Students who complete both sessions are not required to perform. This is only an opportunity we offer.

Weekly Classes

Our weekly classes are taught outside of the performance workshops. These classes focus on learning dance, and include warm-up/stretching, toning, and learning a dance combination.

For an updated schedule or to RSVP, please contact Arts 5th Avenue at 817-923-9500.