Burlesque Class – Q&A


I have no dance background and am a total ‘elaine’ on the dance floor–do you have a beginner’s class for someone like me?


I offer Burlesque Basics on Monday nights, 8:30 -9:15 pm (available September 13, 17, and 27). Burlesque Basics is perfect for anyone desiring to ease into a dance class.  Every Burlesque Basics class is different, as I originate each class around the particular interests and level of the students in attendance.  With 17 years of teaching experience, I have the skill and ability to access each student individually and provide unique instruction at a personal level.

Burlesque Basics is available as a drop-in class, $20.00 per class.  RSVP for class at cara.young@yahoo.com (cara dot young at yahoo dot com). Classes are held at the Verandah Club (2201 Stemmons Freeway) in Dallas, TX.

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