OMG Hairstyles' Healthy Hair Tips - Summer SPF!

Brittney Powell from OMG Hairstyles has some healthy hair tips for the searing sun of summer!


Sun damage to the hair can result in brittleness; split ends and faded color…and who wants that? No one! So in order to prevent that problem, pack along a hair SPF when heading out into the sun.

UVA rays are the strongest radiation-filled light rays. They can disturb the hair cortex’s fiber-like cells that give the hair its strength and elasticity. It can also damage the color pigments that create natural hair color. UVA rays can also burn the hair cuticle, which contains a web of tiny overlapping scales. When the scales are damaged and they can not lay flat, like they are supposed to, hair will look lifeless and dry. UVB rays penetrate deep into the hair’s cortex, easily drying out the hair and causing natural and chemical colors to fade.

Sunscreen in products is not just for the summer months€”it can be used all year around. To prevent aging caused by UV rays, sunscreen should be used every day of the year, even if it is cloudy.

Leave-in Protect Spray or conditioner€”Defends the hair against the damaging effects of the sun, pool and sea water, while detangling and moisturizing.

After-Sun Hair & Body Shampoo€”Regenerates hair from the effects of the sun, chlorinated or salt water.

After-Sun Treatment or masque€”This can reverse the negative effects of the sun, pool and sea water to give your hair a moisture boost.


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