Top 10 Reasons to see Sugar Moonlight!

We're beginning the 10 day count down to the opening night of the Velvet Kittens' newest burlesque spectacular!

Everyday we'll post one reason why we think you should brave a Thursday night and see Sugar Moonlight. It's the Velvet Kittens. Tsk, tsk…as if you need any other reason.

Number 10: Impress your friends

When your friends come to tell you about this amazing burlesque show unlike anything they have ever seen, you'll take a sip of your scotch, a puff on your cigar and reply, "Dahling, I know all about it. I was there opening night. It's faaaabbb-u-lous. We should all go together." And they'll admire you for the burlesque dilettante that you are, and an expert judge in matters of taste.

Not only are you an educated authority on fine scotch, cigars, and local television programming in the metroplex, you're also an area burlesque expert and connoisseur of the best.

Ah hem, or they just may call you a burlesque snob, full of yourself, and annoying. It's a toss up really.