Did you know…

Robert Louis "Bob" Fosse (June 23, 1927 - September 23, 1987) started his career performing in vaudeville and burlesque shows? This talented choreographer and fellow dancer Charles Grass made up the collaborative dance duo called the Riff Brothers in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. It was from these experiences, and the influence of the great Fred Astaire, he developed his signature jazz style.

This noted choreographer, director, and writer was an honored award winner, and the first person to win a Tony, an Emmy and an Academy Award in the same year. Some of his most recognizable works include Cabaret, Chicago, and Sweet Charity.

Velvet Kittens' choreographer was intrigued as a child by the works of jazz legends Jack Cole and Bob Fosse, and has studied the techniques of Fosse and Luigi jazz. These influences are evident in her choreography, and taught in her dance instruction.

Some of her favorite Fosse quotes:

~"If you think you can do better, then do better. Don’t compete with anyone, just yourself. When you are in trouble or have a dilemma, ask yourself, “What’s the important thing?” And when you wake up in the morning, ask yourself how you can be a better person, not just a better performer."

~"Don’t dance for the audience; dance for yourself."

~"Live like you’ll die tomorrow, work like you don’t need the money, and dance like nobody’s watching."


~"They may not know what I’m doing, but they know I’m doing something!"

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