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We're back with more tips from Richard Romo of Flirty Lingerie on buying lingerie for the woman in your life:

Lingerie buying: The do’s and dont’s of buying lingerie for the woman in your life, and why not following the rules can be a disaster. By Richard Romo

So let's get started. First and foremost is the woman! Never lose sight of the fact that you are buying lingerie for a living, breathing, thinking creature. It is not like buying a toothbrush, or even a sweater. Lingerie comes with a sexual charge. That is one reason many men buy lingerie. That sexual charge can be great, and it can be the basis of disappointment.

Unlike other gifts, lingerie is the most intimate gift one can buy for a woman. It is worn under her clothing away from the prying eyes of other men and women, reserved only for the special person in her life. Also, it exposes some potential flaws, real or otherwise that she likely doesn’t like to advertise to anyone, especially the man in her life. She may think her butt is too big, her tummy is out of shape or she needs a tan. True or not, these are very real issues to her, and a lack of consideration in buying sexy underwear can expose some pretty sensitive feelings.

Beware! You, as the man in her life, know or should know about these concerns, and you better take them seriously. Put the shoe on the other foot for a moment. Say, for the sake of this article you are convinced that a certain part of your anatomy is too large, or say you think you are too fat! Now, your girl brings home a pair of thong underwear in lime green for you to wear that makes your gut, butt and everything else available to be seen, and let's say you are not too pleased. To add insult to injury, say she wants to take your picture and post it on the internet. How do you feel? Get the picture?

Sensitivity to your lover is job number one, numero uno! That said how do you buy lingerie that addresses her needs? As difficult as it may sound, you can improve your and her chances with a few tips.

First, think about her, think about her likes, dislikes in clothing, comments she may have made about various fashion styles, celebrities, and her comfort level when it comes to lingerie and intimacy. Whew! If this sound a little like a primer on relationships, it is and it isn’t. The truth is buying lingerie does require knowing something about the recipient. Since it is a gift that has a sexual charge, it definitely helps to know about her likes and dislikes in and out of the bedroom.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t buy lingerie for someone you don’t know a lot about? Yes! I think we all agree we don’t buy lingerie for a parent, or even a sister, so it goes that buying an intimate gift for a lover that we know little to nothing about is a recipe for failure, at best. I am not saying you can’t buy your mother a robe, or perhaps something else in the lingerie store, but most of us realize that lingerie is reserved for intimate partners.

Stay tuned for more tips from Mr. Romo of Flirty Lingerie!