Interview with Mimi Rockafellar, Dance Captain for The Velvet Kittens

How long have you been a member of the Velvet Kittens?
It will be two years in August.

You are the Dance Captain for the Velvet Kittens, what does that entail? I’m Jana’s second man, when she is not there I fill in for her. I help run through the dances with the cast and correct mistakes. I get to help make costumes and show decisions. I read over the set list and make sure everything is correct. Also, anytime Jana needs to go meet with a client such a club owner or someone who wants to book us, I go with her as her a second pair of ears. Basically I’m her personal assistant, but I’m very happy to do it because I love the group so much.

When did you become Dance Captain? Almost a year and a half ago.

In addition to your Dance Captain responsibilities, you perform, so do you ever get stressed? I do when it’s a big show with a lot of new numbers, because like all of us we want to make sure we have everything perfect and ready for the show.

What is a typical day like for you when you have a show? I try as much as possible to not have anything scheduled that day, so nothing stresses me out before the show. Usually I will run out and get new eyelashes and fishnets if I need them. At some point I will get the set list, and will burn the CDs and make copies for the girls. Then, I’ll pack up my bag with everything that will be going with me that night, eat early so I don’t feel nasty during the show, and then finally start getting ready!

What is your favorite number that you are in? With the numbers that I’m in right now I would have to say is American Woman, I love the costumes, but we are working on a new pointe piece that I’m thinking might be my new favorite!

A new pointe piece? Could you explain? Oh, that means we will be wearing pointe shoes in that number.

Like ballerinas? Yes, but with out the tutus (laughs).

Do you want to tell me about your Mr. Peanut impersonation?
Yeah so I love to make people laugh, and I like to think of my self as the clown in the group. One night we were at a gig about to do a number with bowler hats and canes, and to pass the time and to keep up from getting nervous we were joking around like we do a lot and then randomly I thought how I looked like Mr. Peanut because he wears a hat and has a cane like we use. So I kept posing like Mr. Peanut with my cane and hat. From then on I made Mr. Peanut look hot. We still do this now, it's kind of like a running joke.

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